Orland Tent and Camp Stoves

My family and I have been camping in the wild for many years. In the beginning the camps were simple, but as our family grew bigger, so did our camps.

In 2012, we started talking about a tent stove. A tent stove wouldn’t only add months to the camping season, it would turn rainy days and cold nights into cozy moments. We wanted a stove that would burn just as well as a regular stove, allow us to cook, and most importantly; bring the atmosphere of a campfire into the tent.

What makes the Orland Stove different?

A tent stove has been for the few brave ones travelling outside the beaten path, in extreme environments. With the Orland Tent Stove, we wanted to create that experience for everyone.

  • You can achieve optimum combustion due. Insulating panels and ventilation control, which gives so little pollution as possible.
  • There is a great look to the fire through three large glass.
  • You can supplier with a functional baking oven with thermometer.
  • It can carry a large 15 kg. rock (granite) which retains heat long after the stove has burned out. (there are many of them out there)
  • It comes in quality wooden box for transport, a box that can be used as storage and table in the tent.


Assembling the Stove


Connecting the Flue


Lighting a Fire


Assembling the Baking Oven