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Shunsuke Japan

   Hi, Thomas. For my new year holiday, I went to a solo camping trip by Mt. Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan.Thanks to you and your stove, I had a great time there. Your stove made my trip so pleasant and very comfortable in the cold weather, and just looking at the fire under the stars made me relax so much. Shunsuke  

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David UK

Thomas,We had been looking for a stove for our Bell tent for some time but couldn’t find anything that we liked – nothing had the balance of function and aesthetics that we were looking for. When we found your stove on-line we loved it. When we received it and discovered the amount of thought put into the design – the grooves on the inside of the case lid for example – it was even better than we had hoped for. We have a 5m bell tent and were slightly concerned that the stove might not be powerful enough to keep it warm. We didn’t need to worry. Not only does the stove keep the air dry, and so make everything...

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